Poem: Resurrection Day

“Love, from the very beginning”

In the beginning, let there be light, from the depths of the earth,

And He was always greater than us, Whole world cradled in Your palms,

Oh Father, before we grew itching ears of curiosity, gained knowledge and birthed awareness of our own nakedness, How before we were formed, You knew us,

Wrestle our spirits until our limbs grow limp, Oh Jacob, we understand your labor of years, wrestless spirit of your fears, Oh Lord, will not let You go until You bless me, so Lord You changed His name, smeared Your love over his every mistake,

Like you ordered blood smeared over every doorpost to remind us you are author of life and death, like You cradled Your people beneath ocean floor walls, washed Egyptians into the flood of Your fury, Yes, You are just and always justified, whatever You do Lord is good,

Every commandment, good, every law engraved in concrete for protection, not punishment, proving Your love, not loss of freedom,

Embodied the weakness of our skin, for we are only dust, Oh Samson, we understand the frailty of our flesh,

Lord, who suits us in armor, anoints every move, to slay the giants of our own demons with faith, victorious, we can do all things through,…

Jesus, perched inside the belly of a young girl who encountered an Angel naming her “mother” before she knew she was “woman,” “Woman,” we thank you for your sacrifice, bringing a King into this world, salvation unto people, born so we could be reborn again, be cleansed of our sins white as snow, to show us life more abundantly,

Lured into desert by Satan’s schemes, He was tested so we could have the strength to say “No,” when we are offered the whole world but risk losing our souls,

But we stand bold on Your Word, preached from synagogue to street, boy to man, every girl to woman, Birthed miracles into every moment, fed the people, fish and loaves, showed them their scales, that your children are golden,

And you transformed emptiness into filled bellies, stone into hearts of flesh, Your flesh into miraculous glow, and You shine upon this earth with Your love,

How You fed sinner around table, knowing some would betray and all would leave You lonesome,

Sipped the wine of Your blood, partake in the breaking of Your body in remembrance of You, and they stood before You shouting “Crucify Him!”

Set Barrabas free instead of our Beloved, so upon tree they stretched wide limb across wood, every sin, pierced through nail into flesh of bone

Yet He was crucified, so we might live and live again,

Have a lover that we could call friend,

And He rose so we could rise above,

A Savior King, who we can call Love

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