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Take a moment to tour Barbara Fant’s wordpress page.  Barbara is a master performance poet, workshop presenter, and artist facilitator.  Click on the various categories in the right-hand side navigation which includes video, photo, and biographical details.  In the meantime, enjoy the introductory poem written below by Ms. Fant.  Blessings to you!

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Birth To Be!

There is something to Believing You and not just Believing in You,

This ground does not apologize to the rain,

Said this ground be pregnant with faith,

She is all faith and bones, These dry bones know how to rise, and I,

Just wanted to hear God louder than the dragon in my own throat, head, it’s legs crawl, stampede through brain as if this is war!

This is war! I be warrior!

Don’t quite yet know who I am, I am forgetting who I am,

And everytime I think I know, God peels back another layer,

All that’s shrinking behind me is this image of who I thought I was,

The living room coughs me from her throat like a roach’s limbs, and I am shell and crushed open,

They say, “she’s too Christian for the open mic,” “Too open mic to be real disciple,”

Said, I disciple these disciples,

Said, what spirit discipled your tongue before it ran off manifesting death in your name?

Said, what spirit is releasing your tongue?

They told her she was crazy when she began to hear God speak louder, walked away, they began to hate her when she began to hear God’s voice coming from her own breath,

I’m losing my arms, I’m losing my arms

The breath of escape is an escaping tongue, Tell me where my mouth wants to sail, I have been bridges of burdens, yoked hard of the deepest heavy,

It has been the hardest fall, to love everything of a broken mirror, to swallow the glass like a golden nightmare and have to call it a prophetic valley

The future is chewing away at me, brain not shrapnel enough to handle this battlefield,

It would be easier to know the bomb, it would be even easier to know the detonator’s lungs, but I stand, ready to launch, for lift-off, labor,

This gift I am pregnant with is not my own, that my life is the best sermon God could ever write

The written key is not to make them believe, but to plant the seed,

Finances aren’t an issue until you have a vision, wait..finances aren’t an issue Because you have a vision,

There is something miraculous in overcoming, with the water flooded up to the ceiling,

God, I’d be Your aquarium, aquarium me into the brightest fish that ever caught Your eye

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